Reviews of Anita from Producers, Actors, & Directors

Reviews of Anita from Producers, Actors, & Directors

"If I am on a filmmaking court picking teams, whether I need a Producer, Director or Actress, you can be sure Anita Cordell is getting picked... because I do aim to win."   
--- Cameron Arnett, Producer, Actor (Overcomer)

The company leadership and the sales force of Pitsco are absolutely over the moon excited about the finished product you were a part of. We cannot say enough good things about your work! You are very highly thought here at the company.  Incredible to work with the extremely talented and incredibly professional actor.  
--- Matt McCauley, Director, Light of Life Films

There are two words that describe Anita Cordell….well, actually there are many words (all good), but I will stick to the two that come to my mind immediately: Consummate Professional. She recently completed a short film for me entitled “Bad Neighborhood”. Anyone who watches the film will be stunned by her performance. Anita was a director’s dream. She was always prepared. She had a firm grasp of her character, but was able to make adjustments as the scene, and my direction, required. She always gave her best, up to and including asking for an additional take even though I was satisfied….and the extra take was usually exactly what we needed. I am sure I will always remember,in particular, at 5 a.m. after a crueling 17 hour day she was still in character for the final take! Even though she is an accomplished director and producer, she was able to wear only her actor’s hat on my set. My only regret in working with Anita on this film is that I cannot work with her on all my films…..can I?
--- De Miller, Director, Lazarus Filmworks “Bad Neighborhood.

Anita is both a lovely woman and a wonderful talent. She was recently featured as a spokesperson in our commercial for a financial services client and I couldn't be more pleased with her performance. She arrived on set prepared and focused. She took direction well, offered excellent suggestions and was able to imbue the script with just the combination and enthusiasm and empathy we were looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any production.
---Jim Svoboda, Writer/Director - Centris Bank Commercial

Anita is wonderful as the voice of Machuka in "The Mighty Behemoth". The young boy, Machuka, will some day become leader of Palatia, so a youthful, yet mature quality was needed. Not only did she provide the basic characterization, but Anita's personal warmpth and charisma has added significantly to the role. Macuhka has became a real person thanks to the voice of Anita Cordell. I highly recommend Anita for not only her natural talent, but for her dedication and professionalism as well.
---Steve Cypert, Writer/Director - The Mighty Behemoth

Anita can easily stand with any of Hollywood's actors. She is great to work with, very receptive to direction, and brings a high level of professionalism and support, on and off the set.
---Tony Mendoza, Writer/Director - Pitching Hope

Anita's a great actress and a great person to work with! She brings a diversity of talents to the Emmy® award winning Steve & Kathy Show and is truly an asset to this faithbased entertainment!
---Laura Woodworth, Producer - The Steve & Kathy Show

Anita has been nothing but professional on every level regarding our shooting of "Barely". From her script reading to the day the of the shoot, she was nothing but kind and focused on the task at hand. I honestly have no complaints. I'd work with her again if I had the chance.
---Brian Freeman, DP - Barely

Anita is a pleasure to work with: her characterizations are superb and it is sometimes hard for me to keep in character -- even when she delivers the most innocuous lines; she just adds that little twist that packs a powerful punch. She has a natural sense of timing and brings a breath of fresh air to the art of acting.
---Bill Behrendt, Actor - The Steve & Kathy Show